Maidstone Meadery’s ABC hearing is August 2, 2018 in Richmond, Virginia.
We are supposed to have a decision from ABC within 30 days.  Another month with no income…

If so inclined we would love for you to write letters (emails) of support to the ABC Hearing Panel. You can address your emails to:

Patrick Griffin| Director of Hearings, Appeals & Judicial Services
Virginia ABC | 2901 Hermitage Road, Richmond, VA 23220
Office: (804) 204-2329  patrick.griffin@abc.virginia.gov

Please CC my attorney Mark Sandground at marksandgroundsr@thewestlawgroup.com


The Nectar of the Gods

We prepare our mead using the ancient methods our ancestors perfected over thousands of years. Maidstone Meadery uses our own farm raised honey and other natural ingredients SO that you experience the refreshing goodness of this traditional, all-natural beverage.

Online Ordering Coming Soon!

We will be joining VinoShipper soon so you can stock up for your next dinner party or relaxing weekend.